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It’s all fun & games ‘till someone gets rich!

Is an elite cadre of children and seniors responsible for The Great Anomaly?

Child’s Play illustration 1 by Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Reporter: Tere Guttierez

11/20/2023 9:10 AM | Updated 11/22/2023 4:28 PM

The Great Anomaly has puzzled quants and statisticians since it was discovered last spring. By all conventional indicators the situation is catastrophic. Supercharged volatility in the stock market has sunk the value of many stocks to near zero, taking out huge financial institutions along with it and bankrupting several major corporations thought to be too big to fail.

In the past several months the top 0.1% has…

Don’t colonize our future

In data science, we talk about models suffering from either “overfitting” or “underfitting.” Overfitting is when a model exhibits a low degree of bias, but a high degree of variance. In other words, it accepts a lot of differences within the data, but it doesn’t have very much predictive power. Underfitting is the inverse of this — high bias, low variance. This is what happens when you make a generalization without enough data, or with data that is not diverse enough to represent the real world.

It is said that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat…

Our society produces data at an astounding rate. By some estimates, as many as 2.5 million terabytes of new information appear on servers around the world every day. That’s as much data as could fit on a billion iPhones, a quantity of zeros and ones so large you need eighteen zeros just to count it. Every. Single. Day.

In the Bestselling book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century author Yuval Noah Harari said “data will eclipse both land and machinery as the most important asset.” This glut of information has produced a skyrocketing demand for people with the skills and…

Champion City Part 10

Virtual Reality, an immersive technology that allows audiences to interact with imaginary worlds, has been creating a wave of excitement in the last few years. VR has been around since the 80's, but advances in computational power and motion tracking techniques have made it possible to produce sophisticated virtual experiences much more cheaply. These days you can buy a VR setup for less than the cost of a new iPhone!

In mid-June the IDEA hosted three artists in our residents’ nest above the New Rochelle train station: Matthew Gantt, Rena Anakwe and Joelle Fleurantin.

Matthew Gantt

On his website, Matthew Gantt describes himself as a “New Music Human.” He’s is a composer and media artist who approaches whose practice runs the gamut from traditional musical instruments to web art and VR. Our ideas about the future are often conditioned by past experiences in ways few of us fully acknowledge or understand, he explained. …

My Wampum bead in VR: Wampum was an antecedent to blockchain technology, which used story as part of its structure.

Every month, 55 million people play Minecraft, often hosting customized versions of collaborative worlds on their own home computers. The rules, formats, stories, and “mods” that these communities create are invite-only, and if you are lucky enough to receive an invitation, you will likely be talking, chatting, trolling with them on Discord, along with 130 million other users. If you want to learn the stories from these communities you can watch them live on Twitch, where a million people are watching at any given point in time. There are millions of stories created by collectives, hordes, bands, tribes, teams and…

Tommy Payne and David Huerta hosted Creative Conversations at the IDEALab, (+ 3 quotes from Nietzsche):

“I was the first to discover the truth by being the first to experience lies as lies — smelling them out. — My genius is in my nostrils.” — Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Apple UX designer Tommy Payne visited us from Cupertino on May 31st to share her journey in designing digital products, her UX philosophy, and her artistic process. …

We are now nearly a third of the way through our first fellowship cohort and we have had a great kickoff to Creative Conversations! We launched the series with Adam Huttler in April. Adam spoke to our group about Exponential Creativity Ventures, startup values and mission driven entrepreneurship and more. Our fellows each had the opportunity to talk about their projects, their values, and what gives fuel to their fire.

Last night we had a double Dan night. Daniel Temkin and Daniel Gorelick leading our creative conversation with the fellows.

Daniel Temkin leading a Creative Conversation with the IDEALab Fellows (from left to right) Charity Everett, Barak Chamo, Bayeté Ross Smith and Jhernie Evangelista.

Daniel Temkin spoke to us about his creative practice, how…

Every year, Bloomberg Philanthropies (a private philanthropic foundation) presents the Mayors Challenge, a competitive grant and coaching program designed to encourage city leaders to uncover and test bold, inventive ideas that confront the toughest problems cities face. Hundreds of cities apply to participate in the Mayors Challenge, but only a small amount are accepted into the program. New Rochelle was accepted this year: a huge honor for our community.

How does the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge Work?

If you wanted to make a wedding cake, but didn’t have a lot of baking experience, it wouldn’t be a good idea to bake the cake the day before a wedding…

IDEA New Rochelle Inaugural IDEALab Fellowship

IDEA New Rochelle Announces 2018 Inaugural IDEALab Fellowship Cohort

With the launch of the IDEALab, our first IDEALab Fellowship Cohort will have access to VR, Motion Capture, Digital Printing and other technology equipment to support their creative practice and launch public programming for New Rochelle citizens.

New Rochelle, NY — IDEA New Rochelle and their partner, the New Rochelle Business Improvement District, announced the selection of the competitively-chosen Cohort who will comprise the 2018 inaugural IDEA New Rochelle Fellowship and the launch of their IDEALab facilities. The IDEA New Rochelle Fellowship is a 3–6 month program which invites our cohort…

Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Decentralized Storyteller, VR Director and AI researcher | Sr. Technical Trainer at Contentful

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